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Best High Roller Casinos 2019

Are you familiar with the word “whale” in the casino industry? Used to describe an individual who places large bets, this informal term has become wildly used it is now the norm.  “Whales,” also known as high rollers represent VIP players both in land and online based casinos who gamble large amounts of money. Apparently, for one to be a high roller, they need to be substantially wealthy. How you accumulated your riches does not matter, what matters is how you place your bets when gambling. With that said, you can find inexperienced high rollers who wager more and lose more than anyone. These kind of high rollers are the ones who gamble for fun and are mostly fished by the online casinos. Why? Think of it, why are they called whales? When a high roller loses money, the casino gains. So, when you catch a whale, you feed the whole village. On the other side, there stand the type of high rollers that play to win money and most probably accumulated their riches through gambling.

Not all casinos have the liberty to have high rollers because these are the very selective type of players who look beyond the games presented by the casino. High rollers seek perfect service and want to receive VIP treatment. They bring a lot of money to the casino; thus they demand a lot of attention. However, there is one thing that does not change even if you are to become a high roller; the house will always have the edge over you. So, you might be wondering what is there to gain as a high roller. Well, there is a lot, and you are just about to find out the blessings of being a member of this elite group of casino gamblers.
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    Gunsbet Casino

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    8.8 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
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    Golden Star Casino

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    Royal Vegas Casino

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    8.4 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
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    Loki Casino

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Top High Roller Online Casinos

The majority of high roller casino players look for gambling platforms that deliver a safe gambling environment which is regulated by trusted bodies as well as a variety of games developed by leading online casino gaming software companies. Moreover, for one to place a huge bet, they expect a high return. Thus, it is in the interest of a high roller to seek a casino that offers highest massive payouts, as well as colossal betting odds. Well, this is the least of what a high roller casino has to offer to meet the demands of a high roller casino player. A proper high roller casino will have the following features:
  • High roller bonuses
  • VIP managers for high roller gamblers
  • Expedited payouts methods
  • Amazing rewards as well as promotions designed for high roller casino players

Here are some of the top high roller online casinos to consider listed in no particular order;

  • Casilando Casino
  • Wixstars Casino
  • Uptown Aces (USA)
  • MrPlay Casino
  • Spin Rider Casino
  • Genting Casino
  • BetVictor Casino
  • Casino com
  • BGO Casino
One thing that is common among the top high roller online casinos listed above is the provision of special treatment to VIP gamers. Rewards and bonuses vary depending with the high roller casino’s T&Cs. However, as a high roller online gambling individual, you stand a chance to gain more than you lose in these particular casinos with excellent cash back promotions, bonuses that are exclusive, tournaments designed for VIP members, substantial money prizes, as well as fantastic unique gifts.

High Roller Games

Whales do not just bet in any game they come across in an online casino. There are particular high roller online casino games that you need to know before you graduate yourself into a high roller gambler. These are the games that offer high payouts and will back up your pocket with balanced rewards. There are some games whereby you need to place a tremendous amount of bet only to get a penny. These are the types of games high rollers stay away from. If you are looking for big money wins and you do not want your hard earned money to go to waste, then you should consider the list below of high roller games. The listed games are common in the industry and safe, therefore giving you a much-relaxed atmosphere. These are the games that will provide you with an everlasting experience such as high roller poker. Let’s take a look at the best of high limit casino online games to consider;
  • Blackjack Pro
  • Caribbean Stud Pro Poker
  • American Roulette
  • Baccarat Pro
  • French Roulette
  • Live Blackjack VIP
  • Vegas Craps

High Roller Bonuses

As we have established that a high roller is a gambler who deposit loftier cash sizes and bet with huge amounts; now we dive into what motivates them the most to continue injecting huge amounts, which is high roller bonus. A high roller bonus is specifically designed for high roller gamblers also known as the “gambling sharks” or “big fish.” One can argue that a high roller bonus is just a hyped standard match deposit bonus. Well, that is true and false. It is true in the sense that it does match the high roller’s deposit. However, the misleading part comes to the limit of percentage a gambler stand to gain. Check this out; a standard gambler will earn 50% of the amount they deposit of up to $/£/€ 500. This means the standard player is to gain $/£/€ 250 as a bonus which is accompanied by strict bonus policies. Whereas, a high roller will get a 100% bonus for the amount they have deposited. Although there are bonus policies too on the high roller bonus, they make no impact considering that most of those policies require a gambler to bet up to a certain amount which is what high rollers often do, unlike standard players.

High Rollers Online Casino Information

Uptown Aces: We hand-picked this casino due to its impressive reputation for delivering excellent services to high rollers. For starters, US players are welcomed in this casino. Their bonus package is unique and impressive in the sense that you get up to $/£/€ 8,888. That my friend, already feels like a jackpot! Highroller Casino: One of the best in the industry for high rollers. As the casino name suggests, it is all about high rollers. If you want to feel at home, then this is the place for you as a high roller. There are live casino games, and an impressive deposit as well as payouts methods. The casino has a limit withdrawing of $/£/€50 000 per day. This feature dwarfs other casinos and has got the following currencies available; Euros, British pounds sterling, Norwegian kroner, US dollars.

How to Become a VIP Player

To be a high roller, it is not always about money. Other features have an impact on one to be considered a high roller. Here is the thing about being a high roller; one needs to have style, a particular concept, as well as a club. A high roller always, and this is what gives you high roller fame. To be a high roller, you need to be reckless to some extent, because what you thought to bet does not matter, it is what you placed as a bet that defines whether you are a standard gambler or a high roller.

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