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Bitcoin Online Casinos - Top List 2020


Bitcoin casinos appeared relatively long ago - even before the moment when the crypto earned worldwide popularity. If Bitcoin was born in 2009, the first European casinos with this cryptocurrency appeared in 2011. Today, best bitcoin casino are in great demand and there are several reasons for this. The main advantages of Bitcoin casino:
  • Security: all transactions are protected.
  • Confidentiality: you provide a minimum of data to the club, and all monetary transactions are carried out without reporting to banks, control of the gambling commission and other regulators.
  • Speed: the withdrawal of Bitcoins is much faster due to the lack of checks and verification.
  • Convenience: you are not tied to geography or currency.
Given the fact that the regulatory authorities of many countries are struggling with gambling, crypto-gambling can be a real find for players. Gambling in some countries is successfully developing precisely thanks to cryptocurrencies.
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    Crazy Fox

    20% Cashback!
    players from United States unavailable, see casinos for your region
    9 Amazing 9 Amazing User Avg
    • Mobile

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    Gunsbet Casino

    Welcom Bonus up to 100$ + 100 free spins!
    players from United States unavailable, see casinos for your region
    8.8 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
    • Mobile

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    Golden Star Casino

    100% UP TO €100 OR 50 MBTC + 100 FREE SPINS!
    players from United States unavailable, see casinos for your region
    8.8 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
    • Mobile

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    William Hill Casino

    100% up to $/€300 Welcome Bonus!
    players from United States unavailable, see casinos for your region
    7.8 Good 9 Amazing User Avg
    • Mobile

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    Loki Casino

    100% up to €100!
    players from United States unavailable, see casinos for your region
    9.2 Amazing 9.2 Amazing User Avg
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First of all, it should be noted that there are no laws that directly prohibit or allow bitcoin gambling. No state has determined that playing slots, roulette or poker using bitcoin is illegal. In addition, bitcoin gambling is not directly regulated. Based on this, the legality of a bitcoin casino top is determined by two factors: legality of bitcoin in a specific country and legality of online gambling in the selected country. As for the legality of bitcoins, the use of cryptocurrency is allowed in all countries where the gambling market is developed and attracts operators. Today Bitcoin is legal in 111 countries. Cryptocurrency is prohibited only in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Pakistan, Qatar, the Republic of Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Vanuatu and Vietnam. In other cases, if the laws of a particular country do not prohibit online gambling, and the use of bitcoin is legal, operators can legally offer bitcoin online casino services on bitcoin.

Speed ​​and usability

Game speed is an aspect that best bitcoin online casinos customers pay too little attention to. But its importance is well aware of the operators of the gambling business. Bypassing the lengthy preface, let's get to the point. And it boils down to the fact that the owners of offline and online casinos are interested in the maximum pace of the game. In fact, the new bitcoin casinos 202 administration, hardware and software manufacturers, pit bosses, and even conscientious croupiers want you to play as quickly as possible. Why? There are two main reasons:
  • Firstly, the higher the pace of the game, the more bets you make over a certain period of time. And this means that the casino advantage inherent in all gambling is so quickly manifested. Consequently, the institution is likely to rob you of money.
  • Secondly, the high speed of the game is fraught with numerous mistakes that you can make when making decisions. The longer you think about each move, the higher the likelihood that you will do the right thing. And nobody but you needs this.


The number of online casinos and poker sites that allow you to deposit and withdraw funds using Bitcoin is constantly growing. But if you want to play bitcoin casino with no deposit bonus games on your mobile, replenishing your account via Bitcoin, then unfortunately the choice of mobile casino sites that accept Bitcoin is not great at all. Nevertheless, using the browser that is available on all mobile devices, we can go to the Bitcoin casino and try out the entire spectrum of games, instead of installing the application! If you are one of many people who had difficulty playing in a regular mobile casino, such as the problem of making a deposit to sites, then the time has come for a completely new way to deposit funds to your mobile casino account. Using Bitcoin, a new virtual digital currency that does not obey any laws or states, opens up incredible opportunities. No commission fees, instant payments - bitcoins will save you from any problems that could arise earlier when depositing or withdrawing funds from a top online bitcoin casinos!

Deposit bonuses

In the conditions of fierce competition in the online gambling market, bitcoin casinos are making a lot of efforts to attract the attention of customers. Promotions and bonuses of gambling establishments on cryptocurrencies are not inferior to ordinary casinos, therefore, here you can always find familiar and pleasant preferential offers. It has long been known that players are much more willing to make their first deposit if the institution can offer a good investment bonus and give the client a good increase in the starting balance in the account. Experienced players can often turn this cash add-on into real profit. However, before you receive any bonus, you need to take into account several factors that we will describe in this article. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable Bitcoin casino, as new and mountain houses appear almost every day. If you want if you are not sure of the honesty of the institution, be sure to check out our reviews of Bitcoin casinos and make your choice among the sites presented with us. All the institutions that we have gathered here regularly pay winnings, and also offer the best promotions for both new and regular players.

Free spins

You can play Bitcoin casino without attachments. Some institutions give a no deposit bonus, which allows you to start without financial risks. As a gift from the club you can get several free spins in slots, bonus funds to your account. Of course, there are certain conditions for receiving, as well as wagering, remuneration. Play for free, of course, is nice, but for the maximum result and full sensations should make a deposit. Fortunately, customers are offered a wide range of options for making a deposit. In addition, the gaming portal will definitely give you a generous deposit bonus.

Game testing

We want to emphasize the main feature of bitcoin casinos in that there is always the opportunity to play for free. Like this veil there is no where, unless the game is in a demo mode, but you understand the benefit is not possible.


Getting your winnings using Bitcoins is perhaps one of the safest ways to withdraw money that you managed to win. This virtual currency can be used for deposit and withdrawal on many modern gaming sites, so if you decide to play in online casinos for real money, then pay attention to the gaming Bitcoin sites. Bitcoin allows players to remain anonymous, providing the ability to safely deposit and withdraw money. To do this, you just need to find out the bitcoin address to which to send the cryptocurrency, as well as your wallet, in order to withdraw it. In addition, getting funds in bitcoins is quick, easy and cheap, since no transaction fees are charged.

License of the casino

Gambling licenses are required to process payments using bank accounts. In a Bitcoin casino, approval of a bank for making money transactions is not required, since intermediaries do not participate in cryptocurrency transactions. However, Bitcoin casinos still need to be licensed, as this is required by the popular and leading game providers for collaboration. They do not enter into partnerships with casinos without a reliable gambling license. Moreover, licensed online casinos are attracting more and more players, as users find such platforms reliable. Despite the fact that Bitcoin guarantees secure payments, players want to be sure that the casino is working honestly and will pay money in case of a win. Operators should pay attention to the legality of bitcoins and online gambling in selected countries before providing their services. However, managing a bitcoin casino today is not difficult, since cryptocurrency is legal in the largest and most profitable gaming markets, which attract both beginners and experienced operators. Therefore, the opening of a Bitcoin casino will not be problematic.


Support service is extremely important for the normal functioning of any bitcoin casino with no deposit bonus. Users inevitably encounter all kinds of difficulties during the game, during the deposit and withdrawal of funds, when using bonuses and so on. This may be due to a lack of experience of visitors, as well as interruptions in the software. In any case, the solution must be found, and it is the support service that deals with it. It can be considered as the main way for customers to communicate with the casino administration. Visitors to online casinos are usually offered several ways to contact the support service, and each player independently decides which one is most convenient for him.


The number of people actively using digital currencies for payments is constantly growing. But there are those who still have not really met with Bitcoin. If you relate to them, or just want to find out how payments are made on sites with BTC support, then the instruction will be useful to you.
  • Choose a no deposit online casino or standard club on BTC and open an account there. To do this, use our list of trusted institutions on this page.
  • During the registration process, select BTC as the currency. Or one of the other cryptocurrencies. Usually gambling sites also offer Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.
  • Next, go to the "Cashier" ("Deposit", "Wallet") section. There you will see the wallet address (bitcoin address). It costs about 30 characters and starts with a one (1) or three (3). It is to this address that Bitcoins will need to be transferred. Copy it. A QR code is also added next to the address. With it, it is easy to make payments from a smartphone.
  • Enter the copied address into a bitcoin wallet, exchanger, cryptocurrency exchange or other Bitcoin source. You do not have to create a s eparate wallet and install special software. Replenishing your account in bitcoins in a casino without the bitcoins themselves is very simple. To do this, use BestChange, or even a terminal in your city. In the appropriate field, specify the address to which the transfer should be made. The system automatically converts the funds you deposit (rubles, dollars, WMZ) into BTC.
Please note that transactions in the crypt are not always instantaneous. Your transfer must receive confirmation online (occurs without your direct participation) and only after that it will be credited to the specified address. Another point - replenishment / withdrawal in BTC occurs with a commission. Its size is determined by the network. Usually this is not more than 5% of the transfer amount. With the transition of SoftSwiss casino to the CoinsPaid system, the speed of payments in bitcoins increased, and the commission fell. It is unlikely that you will wait for funds longer than half an hour.


This checklist is necessary for every player who wants to find a new casino with the possibility of using Bitcoin.

Always read casino reviews

Before you register, be sure to read the review on our site of this bitcoin online casino. Perhaps the casino is illegal and you can just lose your money nowhere. Pay attention to it. Better read a few reviews of one casino.

Look out for fake casino games

Avoid casinos that have illegal software. This means one thing - the casino is a scam. The entire outcome of your game is registered and you will surely lose your Bitcoins.

Payouts are a problem

Read reviews of other players about payments at this casino. It will be a shame if you lose your money and do not pay attention to it.

Zero customer service or responses

An important part of the casino is the support service. If they communicate rudely with you, then when a problem arises, most likely no one will solve it. Therefore, avoid casinos with poor support.


What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be exchanged for real money through various online services. You can earn it either through mining, or by performing operations on the exchange. Mining is a calculation process on your computer equipment or on rented equipment (cloud mining), for which you will be rewarded in equal shares in accordance with your capacities as a cryptocurrency.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Casinos compared to traditional casinos?

  1. The inability to track and control payments made through a bitcoin wallet. This allows gamers from countries where online casinos are banned to play virtual gambling entertainments. At the same time, the payer and the payee remain unknown, for anyone, that is, they are anonymous.
  2. Since it is not possible to calculate the owner of bitcoins, it will not work to claim income tax from him on the amount of the winning prize. The gamer will pay this tax if he sees fit. Many countries have not yet recognized bitcoin as a monetary symbol. For this reason, legal operations with them will not entail any liability.
  3. In a Bitcoin casino, all payments are made at almost lightning speed. This is due to the fact that the cyber currency has nothing to do with the clumsy banking system, which significantly slows down the speed of payment.

What are the Benefits of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies?

  1. Recognition (pioneer factor).
  2. Record prices showed stock quotes.
  3. High threshold of capitalization.
  4. The dominance index.
  5. Network effect.
  6. Global distribution of blockchain.
  7. Periodic implementation of new algorithms.
  8. Use as a store of value.
  9. Retail acceptance.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoin or Another Cryptocurrency?

The easiest and fastest way is to install the wallet on your computer or mobile phone or register an account online. It is simple and fast. ProstoCoin editors use Electrum, Coinomi and blockchain wallet. The safest option today is hardware wallets, since they are almost impossible to crack - cryptocurrency is stored autonomously on a separate device that is not connected to the Internet. There are specialized services on the Internet that exchange money for cryptocurrency online. There are more than 100 of such exchangers. You can find them on specialized monitoring services.

Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal?

As for the legality of bitcoins, the use of cryptocurrency is allowed in all countries where the gambling market is developed and attracts operators. Today Bitcoin is legal in 111 countries. Cryptocurrency is prohibited only in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Pakistan, Qatar, the Republic of Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Vanuatu and Vietnam. In other cases, if the laws of a particular country do not prohibit online gambling, and the use of bitcoin is legal, operators can legally offer services and online bitcoin casinos.

Do I need to use a credit card or offer any personal information?

To verify your account, you need to attach y our Bitcoin wallet number and documents. All this information will not be distributed anywhere.

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