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Coming Soon! The Phantom of the Opera by NetEnt

The Phantom of the Opera by NetEnt New

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Set to Make Waves When it Hits the Casino Floors

It’s a pity that Sir Andre Lloyd Webber did not get the full license for his best life’s work ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’ Otherwise, this would have been a different story. Not that we are complaining. From the glimpses and longshots we have had the pleasure to see, this game is going to be just as special as the works that inspired its creation. This 4×5 grid is expected to bring a lot of joy with the large sums of money tied to it. There are 40 pay lines, and none is optional. The 40 pay lines in Phantom of the Opera will play centre stage inside a lavish old-time theatre.

Ranging from a minimum of as little as 0.20 and as high as 200, the betting stakes for this slot truly give gamers something to go wild about. It is evident that this game caters for everyone from the savers to the high roller. The Phantom of the opera is available on all platforms from computer to mobile devices and everything in between.

When playing this game, the RTP is 96.75%. On a single line, the biggest total win is 20x the amount wagered. If all the symbols are to fill the grid, then you get 800x the value of your bet. Quick math, this transforms to 180, 000 in any currency!

Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty and Reveal the features

So far, here is what we know when it comes to the features. When you land on a masked Phantom, you have made it! So, this re-spin feature works this way- land two masked phantom symbols on the first reel and a double of the ‘mask symbol’ on the fifth reel. What you get is a sticky world that remains throughout the re-spins.

That’s not all, the next crazy feature is in the form of a 2 stage bonus round that comes as a pick-em game. Activate it by landing two phantoms on reel one and two Christine on reel five. This move transfers you straight to Christine’s room for a selection process. Initially, pick out a rose from the 8 offered. When revealed, the rose contains cash prize. Move on to the second part that reveals an ‘X’ maker. Select one of the three mirrors on the show to see which multiplier you picked from 1, 2 or 3. Multiply this with what you got from the rose.

Admit, this is brilliant! There is more, these are not the only features that grace The Phantom of the Opera. Head over to your casino and enjoy the brilliance behind this NetEnt powered game.

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