» Provider News » Elk Studios’ Wild Seas: New Online Slot—Released January 2018

Elk Studios’ Wild Seas: New Online Slot—Released January 2018

Elk Studios’ Wild Seas New

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Wave after Wave

Ok, so you have witnessed what Elk Studios can create. Now is the time to open yourself to longer and better. Wild Seas comes in a series of wave after wave. There are golden rewards out at sea, battleships, and treasures to be won. Filled with the reverberating crack of cannons and huge sailboats as they head out to pirate-infested waters. Wild Seas offers no safe or easy passage with each gold-filled boat. Gamers, this is what you will love best—you get to play pirates!

In gameplay, you get a 4*5 grid on the Wild Seas scene, a watery backdrop, and several island ports. Characters are a mix of hosts playing for the heap of battered coins of gold, silver, and copper. Wild Seas is a beautiful, rich and bold game. The developers were generous with colour and detail as witnessed at every level. Wild Seas gives off a realistic look and feel of the sea. Unlike most games, with Wild Seas, the gambler is actually the ‘bad guy’ as the pirate, and the casino has to defend itself since it pauses as the fleet with treasure to protect. It goes without saying that; the more coins you loot, the more rewards you receive.

This newly released game headlines the Break in the Convoy bonus round. The bonus is activated by landing 2 Wild Sea symbols on reels number 2 and 4. The pirate ships set sail, chasing a fleet of ships from right to left. Each ship in the fleet is a wild, and when the gamers’ pirate cannon takes one down, the crew drowns following the sticky wilds process. Should one ship be struck twice, then the fleet is open for Looting. This basically translates to Two Bonus Games for the Price of One! Exciting!! It is a calculated move by Elk Studios to promote and elongate time spent on this game, but who cares?

Loot the most valuable coins for huge wins on open sea

Play buddies here is the thing, Wild Seas is a brilliant game, actually, the most exciting release of the year so far. Not to spoil it for you, but Elk Studios outdid themselves once again. Like its predecessor Wild Toro, Wild Seas is not an 8-bit style game. There is a new angle of creativity behind this new game, and you will only be too happy to get your hands dirty—as a pirate of course.

A factor to appreciate, the pirate theme in Wild Seas is refreshing as it is far from the overly used fairy tale, candy and cute animal for most games. We can only hope you welcome the game as well as we did.

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