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Explore with the Aliens: Play Reptoids by Yggdrasil—A new Online Slot

Reptoids by Yggdrasil New

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The Reptoids are upon us with a Suspicious $500,000 Jackpot

Given that the Jungle Books outperformed any other creation by Yggdrasil, the Reptoids have quite a steep challenge as they make their way into the online slot scenery. Gameplay settles around humanity cohabiting with a new alien race which is in hiding. Set in a stylish 1960s backdrop, the scenes range from high ranking government roles to normal everyday society.

Reptoids is a game that tells of a government conspiracy. In a meeting taking place inside a secret bunker, ranking officials meet with a colonel who transforms into an alien and flees from the secured area. The aliens have shape-shifting skills making it complicated and extremely challenging to win the battle against them.

When playing Reptoids, you will be quick to appreciate the ingenuity behind such a creation. The game comes with admirable, challenging levels of gaming. There is class, style, as well as depth behind graphics and animation. Players get to use a new mechanic called Alien Detector Field. The two scans the reels with each spin until detection is made then the payout is a reward for the findings. This task can lead to extra features as well as additional free games. In this way, opens up more new tools that can be used in alien spotting.

Extra-Terrestrials Transform into Extra Cash 

Reptoids is designed as a 3×5 grid set up with 20 pay lines. The game plays with a 96.1% RTP. With a staggering jackpot of $500,000, this game is compatible with all devices including mobile. For now, it appears Yggdrasil has outdone their previous instalments by developing this quirky alien and human invasion.

With so much to play for considering the number of pay lines presented in this game, chances of making it to the top are increased. Although the lack of bonuses can be discouraging, it can be forgiven with the consideration of free spins delivered. You do not want to miss out on the fight to defend our mother earth. So, get geared and try this one out for a chance to smell $500k jackpot on your palm.

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