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The Origin of Baccarat

Baccarat is a classic table game that dates back to the 15th Century. The current online version of Baccarat has evolved over the years from its usage by the French noblemen and the Italians partly due to its popularity in the intriguing Bond series. Today Baccarat is globally accepted as an exciting table game and is found in almost all online and land-based casinos. You cannot miss to spot a Baccarat Online Casino in every 5 casinos under review in many sites. Contrary to conventional belief, Baccarat is not just a game for the upper class. Today, free online Baccarat is accessible to punters using both mobile devices and personal computers thereby reaching an expansive audience. 95 percent of online casinos have various versions of Baccarat including the exciting live dealer games. Some Baccarat versions do not require much skill and can be played by newbies and beginners. This includes the simple Punto Banco version (Player and Banker Version). Other versions require much more skills and only the aces at online table games can attempt them. These include the EZ Baccarat, the Super Pan Baccarat and the Three Card Baccarat.  Baccarat still remains one of the most played games in online casinos and is available in the many casinos like Jackpot City Casino, SpinPalace Casino, Casino, Fun casino, 888 Casino among many others. This is just a tip of the iceberg as you will no doubt find out that Baccarat is available in most of your favorite online casinos.


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The Rules and Objectives of Baccarat Online Casino Gaming

Let us start with the objective because it is what guides you when playing so that you can strategize to achieve your win. There are two hands, the ‘player’s (which does not refer to you) and the Banker’s(which does not necessarily refer to the casino). You can place your bet on three possible outcomes.  You can predict that the player will win, or the banker will win, or that there will be a tie between the two. Now comes the most interesting part, Playing Baccarat. The game is quite simple to understand even for the newbies in Baccarat playing. A step-by-step procedure starts with the casino dealer handing out a pair of cards to the banker and to the casino player. The cards are placed face up and tallied. The hand with the higher amount wins. For you to win, you must have bet on the hand with the most points. It is also worth noting that the ace is worth one point, tens and face cards are worth zero points and the other cards reflect their face value. Additionally, when the cards total exceeds 10, only the latter/Right value counts. Take an example of two cards worth 5 and 7 totaling 12. The point to be considered is 2 (which is the Right value or the second digit value.

Get Tips to Ace it at Baccarat Online Casinos

Playing Baccarat does not have to be as hard as deciphering Greek. Just like in playing other physical or online games, practice is key when it comes to mastering any game. Take advantage of free Baccarat games available in many online casinos. You should also apply strategy while placing your bets. The probability of the outcome being a tie is much less than the probability of the banker or the player getting more points.  Consequently, you should rarely place your bet on the tie. Even if Baccarat is mainly a game of chance, the chance of the banker topping the scores is higher and you should try it. Last but not least, learn to crawl before you leap. In short, as you find your footing in the Baccarat arena, start with placing smaller bets and gradually increase your deposits as you gain confidence in your acquired skills.

Why you should Take Advantage of the Free Baccarat Games on your PC and Mobile Device

Online casinos that support mobile gaming have their punters convenience at heart.  You can easily play an engaging Baccarat game from the comfort of your living room or at your local deli without having to visit a land-based casino. The inconvenience of paying for transport or being stuck in an endless traffic jam in order to reach a casino premise is eliminated. More interestingly, online Baccarat supports the spontaneity of online gaming since you can instantly play your favorite baccarat game without having to download any applications. Just like many other punters who aim to make huge cash winnings in the online casinos, you need to gain some expertise in online gaming. Free Mobile and PC Baccarat games prepare you by sharpening your skills in readiness for when you choose to play for real money. We have tried to unravel the mystery behind Baccarat and even shared some little secrets so that you do not miss on the fun of playing Baccarat in online casinos. Fortified with this information, it is time to grab your chance and test your Baccarat skills today at these Baccarat Online Casinos:
  • Jackpot City Casino: A Baccarat online Casino with a heavenly welcome bonus of £/€/$ 1600 and over 650 games.
  • Spin Palace Casino: Get a handsome welcome package of £/€/$ 1000 and play over650 online games including Baccarat.
  • 777. Com Casino: Play free Baccarat games upon registration in this Baccarat Online Casino.
  • Fun Casino: Hone your skills at this Baccarat Online casino and also try your luck with the over 400 games available here.
  • Sloto Cash Casino: A no deposit Baccarat Casino where you can test your skills and get to win £/€/$ 7 bonus
  • Lucky Nugget Casino: Play your favorite Baccarat games here and get a chance to earn a £/€/$ 1000 welcome bonus.
  • Royal Vegas Casino: Get a generous welcome package of £/€/$ 1200 playing Baccarat and the more than 639 games in this casino.
  • Platinum Play Casino: If you are confident about your Baccarat skills, get a chance to earn the £/€/$ 1000 welcome bonus while gaming here.
  • Captain Cook Casino: Visit this Baccarat Online Casino and earn the £/€/$ 500 bonus upon registering here.
  • Rizk Casino: Test your Baccarat skills at this online casino and earn a welcome bonus of £/€/$ 100 plus more fun playing the over 600 games in this casino.

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