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Arguably one of the most intriguing online casino games, Craps has been around for a while now. Through its history, this casino game has not had much significant makeovers. The game of Craps has merely upgraded the format used back in the day. For gamblers that have been fortunate enough to visit both physical and online casinos, it is easy to attest to the Craps section as being the noisiest and most active part of the casino. Given that this game is a high-speed casino games that is set on the tossing of a set of dice, the outcomes are very final and sudden. Thus, explaining the noise and excitement. Read on to understand how free online Craps can be your saving grace if and when you finally decide to start paying the real money version.
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Playing Craps for Free Online

Landing a free online Craps game might not be as challenging after all. With leading software developers coming with the best software simulators it is now possible to play for free and gain as mush experience as you would have playing in a real money casino. Playing craps for free online is not difficult, if anything, this is the best step that a gambler can take in ensuring that they are actually playing the game the right way and will be ready for real money casinos.

How to Play Craps

Playing craps online for fun can be the best way of practising for the real deal and avoiding being stressed before one learns how to actually play Craps. To begin with, a Craps table in any casino is played in a huge table that is distinguished by the huge stacks of different kinds of bets you can think of wagering. In the casino, the attention is always placed on the one player rolling the dice at that moment. This player is affectionately known as the shooter. And, the shooter always gets to roll the dice twice. When playing Craps, a new round begins when the player either places a pass line or does not pass line bet. The shooter is always the starting point. The other gamers around the table need to place their bets, meeting the minimum bet requirement. Once the game is set to commerce, gamers can alter their bet amount by clicking on the ‘Bet’ or ‘Place Bet’ option. Player then has to click on the chips they want and click on either pass or don’t pass. The first roll of the dice, aka, the ‘come out roll’ is thrown. Rolling a 7 or 11 in the come out roll wins the pass bet while the don’t pass bet loses. Rolling a 2, 3 or 12, aka the Craps numbers, the don’t pass bet wins whilst the pass bet loses. Any other number other than these 5 mentioned is known as ‘the point number’ and must be established. Players on the Craps table take turns to become the shooter.

The Come & Odds Bets

Before you can confidently start playing Craps games online, you also need to learn about the Come and Don’t Come bets as well as the Odd bets that can be wagered on your original bets i.e. Pass and Don’t Pass. Although the Come, Don’t Come and Odd Bets work in the same manner as the Pass and don’t pass, the former can only be placed after the come out roll. These bets are similar but different and necessary because they give leeway for the gambler to a somewhat personal pass bet instead of following suit and copying what the other gamers are doing.

Side Bets

When playing free online Craps game, the bets listed above are not the only ones that a gambler must learn, there are a whole lot more. The other bets fall under the side bets category and includes the likes of single-roll bets, numerous multi-rill bets, and hop bets. To learn about all the side bets and rules that apply to Craps game online, you need to research further into this topic.

Practice Free Online Craps Today!

There are no rules against practising. Start small, wherever you are and with time, gradually increase your sessions. By the time you have mastered the basic bets, you will be almost ready to taste the waters of playing craps for real money.

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