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One of the most loved games in the vicinity of card games. High or Low is simple and highly engaging –thus it can be enjoyed by gamblers of all levels of gaming proficiency. This game can be so engaging that gamers can play it for hours on end. Coupled with the double-up win, the simplicity is more than exciting and compels gamers to try their luck on this game.

History of High or Low

The history of High low card game is quite fascinating. Sometimes known as Hi-Lo, this card game has roots in several geographical locations. There are different names for it in America and across Europe. High low jack card game is known as an American trick-taking card game. In the US, the game is derived from the English game of All Fours (or Seven Up). History has it that this game started “Blind all Fours” played mostly in Northern Europe. What remains the same is that High or Low has always been a pretty simple game. There are also different rules to playing the game, these depend on the background or root of the game in the location where it is played.
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How to play the High or Low Card Game

Playing High or Low is very simple, no wonder the game has such a huge following. First of all, the dealer displays one card shown face-down. This card is a part of a complete deck and all of them are face-down Gamblers around the table place their bets. Each gambler decides whether they want to click on the High button or Low button. This action determines whether you consider the card to be low or high, which is what the game aims to do. All cards valued between 2 and 7 inclusive are considered as low cards. The cards from 8 to King inclusive are regarded as the high cards. The Ace card is a joker and can be on either the Low or High side – thus it is always a win.

Here is a rundown of how to play the game;

  • First of all, the dealer displays one card shown face-down
  • You decide whether you want to click on the High button or Low button and do so
  • Gambler flips the selected card to reveal its value. I the card is 7 and below and the bet was low, the gambler wins, if not, then the gambler loses and vice versa.

Winning the Higher Lower Card Game

To win this game, you have to guess the level of the card shown by the dealer in step one. If the card falls within the correct range or is an Ace, then you win the round, simple as that. Correctly guessing if the card will be higher or lower than the set parameters of 7 and 8 results in you doubling up whatever your initial bet was. Using this feature, winning significantly large sums on this game is possible.

Are there any Higher or Lower Card Game Rules or strategies?

Theoretically, there are no strategies to playing this game. It is s guessing/predicting game. Simple as that. High or Low Card game is one of those games that gamblers seek to engage in only when they are feeling mighty confident. The day your luck is super high in the casino, then this game is exactly what you should play. The rule is for gamblers to place their wagers before the dealer reveals the selected card. Otherwise, there is nothing complicated about High or Low Card Game.

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