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Have you ever checked out a promising online or mobile casino for your favourite title ‘ Keno Game’ only to find your fingers crossed that the casino has the game? Well, this might not exactly be a surprise but you are not the only one. Most casinos only place Keno under the ‘Other games’ section of their casino lobby. Now imagine if you have such hard times just locating the keno games, how difficult does it become finding a casino, a legit casino that offers free keno? Most casinos offer free offers for the popular card games being blackjack and baccarat. If you want to find out more about free keno, continue reading through.
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About free Keno Game

Card games are essentially the go to when someone is looking for a bit of fun and mind exercising activity. Over recent history, Keno online has garnered a lot of attention and essentially is now one of the most sought after titles. The objective behind Keno games free is to place a bet, enjoy the game and win! To make a wager, select the amount you wish to bet between 1 and 80. This limit is not fixed and varies from casino to casino. Most casinos allow gamers to select a maximum of 200 numbers and winnings are paid according to the numbers the player gets right. A matching number is known as a Catch.

How to Play Free Online Keno Game

Playing a game of Keno is easy. You will be surprised to discover that this card game might just be the simplest. Keno games free come with exceptionally easy sets of rules and the play environment is normally quite relaxed, the players’ pace is also relaxed and ‘chilled.’ Now that you understand the basics, don’t shy away from a chance of enjoying the game. Try out your newly learned skills by engaging in a free casino keno game. Now here are 5 easy steps to follow when playing Keno;
  1. To begin the game, click on ‘Try Keno Free’ or a similar button, then press on ‘Play’
  2. Move the pointer to adjust your bet, remember to keep it as minimum as possible
  3. Select the numbers that you would like to place bets on and stick to them
  4. Decide whether you want to play 1 or 5 rounds
  5. Await the round outcome and the payout, collect your earnings!

Winning the game whilst playing the Free Online Keno

Play Keno online free, even if you are not guaranteed of a straight win, it is most definite that you will have the time of your life. If you are not a card games person, well you might be pleasantly surprised. Remember the following tricks when you are playing to win;
  • Familiarise yourself with the free keno casino or platform before trying out the game for real money
  • Learn a pattern, develop strategies that better gel with your play plan and tactic
  • Until you have learned a trusted strategy and gained significant confidence, keep your bankroll as low as possible
  • Before settling for a real money keno platform, do your research and shortlist the casinos that offer the maximum payout as possible.

Play a Few Free Keno Games, then Play For Real Money!

Feel better about your new tricks by trying out your tricks in a free casino keno platform. Although Keno can easily be mistaken with lotto and Bingo, this game is fire all on its own. Never ever mistake the Lotto or Bingo rules with those of Keno. Keep in mind that this classic betting game can be used as an ice breaker. Most Keno gamblers like to think and process their moves. You can learn a lot by also calculating your moves before making any.

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