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Get your Spooky On this Halloween with our Top 3 Fight-o-frenzy

Halloween Top 3 online slots

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Scare your Socks off with these Jackpots

History has shown us that developers just love scaring us. It doesn’t have to be October for them to scare us silly. Games with horror themes are good all day any day, and this is the reason why developers decide to release them for fans of horror who don’t get enough during the Halloween period.

It appears that being scared and having the heebie-jeebies is a basic human psyche, just check the files and archives online, and you will see what we are talking about. Ok, let’s get into it, our three horror slots this October;

Pumpkin Smash by Yggdrasil

To bring the world together through their slots, the developers at Yggdrasil came up with a game that celebrates a Mexican tradition. Pumpkin follows the tradition of smashing pumpkins as done by Mexicans, only that you will now be smashing them in a 3×5 grid. Pumpkin Smash has a scare factor of PG meaning it can be handled by gamers of all legal ages. Just like any other Yggdrasil game, Pumpkin Smash has graphics to die for. The highest paid symbol is 1000x your wager, is this not just beautifully insane? Landing just 2 bonuses will activate the bonus round, and the prize includes 7 time your cash or stake.

Halloween developed by Microgaming

From the pots and fires at Microgaming, this game is an adaptation of the 1978 horror movie Halloween.’ Michael Myers will make you feel like you are in the gates of hades and want to run for your life. But the cash offers and bonuses in this slot will make you feel otherwise. Halloween comes loaded with huge cash rewards, crazy bonus features and even insane random features. A trick or treat bonus wheel with a guaranteed prize on every pin will make you go gaga crazier and fall even deeper for this game. With the multipliers, you can convert your figure to 10x the wager.

Blood Eternal developed by BetSoft

In Blood Eternal, BetSoft manages to bring back the prince of darkness, this time around, even darker. This game finds itself on the extreme side of dark as it is even scarier and darker than the ‘Twilight franchise.’ These slot symbols are a mixture of vampires and humans. If you want to win big, focus on the Double Bats symbols. Lone, they can pay out 12x your wager—this is 10, 000! Flabbergasted? You should be, especially after learning that the actual jackpot is 965, 620!

Head on to your favourite casino this Halloween, and any other period and get scared silly.

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