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Go Eastern with Fu Er Dai by Play n’ Go

Fu Er Dai by Play n’ Go New

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Live it up with Asia’s Elite

With Fu Er Dai, Play n’ Go transfigures a player from their ordinary living room to the throngs of luxury as enjoyed by the Asian kids who enjoy the soft life. This 5 reel slot loosely bases play on the hands of Asia’s next generation of Nouveau. Gameplay is set around matching the rich kid’s pricey designer watches, gold wallets, and expensive mobiles, amongst other junk that the elite seems to value. Players have to match these items to earn rewards from the game while lining their pockets. With the release of Fu Er Dai, Play n’ Go does not hold back on the sarcasm. Even their headline statement says it all. “If you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, here is your chance to fake it till you make!”

This Eastern themed game is headlined by semi-naked ladies with backs tattooed. To add the mood and feeling of Asia, there are high flying oriental objects during gameplay. Thus, Play n’ Go takes a theme that has been done to death and tries to revive it in catching manner.

Fu Er Dai is a good game, but it falls short because it does not have a bonus round. Thus, the creators of the game achieved everything they want and yet failed at the last moment because no bonus means you are unable to poke fun at the rich kids as the game intended to.

In more ways than one, Fu Er Dai is similar to Last and Fortune by Genesis which was released last July. Fu Er Dai is a 3×5 grid housing 10 pay lines. Minimum wager is $0.10 and maximum stands at $100.

Taste the Exotic Reels, Do It for the Gram 

Match the symbols to win this eastern bling-filled game. The other way of winning is when you get the red-eyed dragon to land within the reels transforming into one of the half-naked ladies. This is supposedly an indication of luck and magical as she will expand to cover the reels and show off her full back exposing a tattoo of a dragon covering her back. When the lady plays a sticky Wild, it will help you win the next spin. Extra spins and free games are triggered by 2 or more ladies up to a sequence of 5 and guarantees to win on each spin. On a good day, re-spinning this feature can result in 20 extra spins.

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