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Habanero and Playtech Collaboration

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Surely you know such a gaming company Habanero. They are one of the most elite providers of gaming software, on the account of which there are more than 100 units of game titles. Today, the company announced that they entered into a partnership with omni-channel gaming company Playtech. Why was this step taken? Read more about this in the article.

Habanero and Playtech together?

A new agreement between the two companies is necessary for the mutual promotion of each other. This means that each company must promote another company. This will contribute to greater reach of Habanero and Playtech worldwide. The significance of this deal is that Habanero is providing a complete package of its games to Playtech.

This includes over 100 video slots, 13 board games and 10 video poker. This entire range of game rooms is now available on the Playtech platform. This platform is better known by the name POP. Now any casino in which there is no Habanero will be equipped with games on all kinds of devices.

Enthusiastic players

Habanero, along with its slots, video games and live dealers, has recently gained immense popularity among players. Many players lacked their games. But now every player using the casino on the POP system will have the opportunity to try out Habanero games.

We are very pleased that such a major manufacturer, Playtech, has taken Habanero under its guardianship. This means that the company has huge potential. Slots and other games will become better, and the number of software will grow exponentially.

The Colossal Gems slot, Nuwa slot, Lucky slot, Mount Mazuma slot and 5 Lucky Lions slot will now be available at all casinos that have access to POP.

What the companies themselves say

The contract is mutual and will bring incredible benefits to both companies. For example, Habanero Arcangelo Lonoce, European Business Development Manager, says: “Playtech boasts some of the industry’s best content aggregation technologies, and we’re excited to be part of it.

A large list of operators that support Playtech will now promote our software. For us, this is of course a huge step forward. We look forward to impressing players and providers with the quality and reliability of our games.”

Playtech casino director said Habanero is making some of the best slots in the world that are valued by many players. The company is very pleased with this association, as we get full access to the company’s games.

Playtech has the cleanest reputation in the entire provider market. This means that they offer operators only the highest quality content and this partnership with Habanero will provide them with this.

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