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High-roller bonuses

High-roller bonuses make up some of the most lucrative casino bonuses on the net. What is a high-roller bonus, though, what can they offer you, and where can you claim them? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at those mega money bonus offers.

About high-roller casinos

High-roller casinos, as we’re sure you are aware, are online casinos which cater to the rich, or at the very least, those with cash to burn. These casinos offer high stakes games, and just like a standard casino offers regular welcome bonuses, your average high roller casino will dish out high-roller bonuses, too.

What is a high-roller bonus?

A high-roller bonus can be anything and everything. Generally speaking, these are usually welcome bonuses or deposit bonuses which require a sizeable amount of money to be deposited by the player. In exchange, the player will receive a substantial amount of bonus cash, often considerably more than your standard welcome bonus deals. This cash is ideal since the stakes in high-roller casinos tend to be rather high.
  1. img

    Golden Star Casino

    • Mobile

    8.4 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
  2. img

    Ace Pokies Casino

    • Mobile

    9.2 Amazing 9 Amazing User Avg
  3. img

    Mansion Casino

    • Mobile

    8.4 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
  4. img

    ChanceHill Casino

    • Mobile

    8 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
  5. img

    Omnia Casino

    • Mobile

    7.8 Good 9 Amazing User Avg
  6. img

    House of Jack Casino

    • Mobile

    6.6 Fair 9 Amazing User Avg
  7. img

    Free Spins Casino

    • Mobile

    7.8 Good 9 Amazing User Avg
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    Gunsbet Casino

    • HOT

      Hot Casino

    • United Kingdom

      Accepts players from United Kingdom

    • Mobile

    10 Perfect 9.6 Amazing User Avg
    General Info Visit Now Founded in 2017 by Direx N.V. Casinos, this newcomer has a look good and feel good aura. The casino has a simple design and nice outline with very simple navigation. I must say, the most striking

The terms casino high-roller, VIP and whale explained

You may have heard the terms high-roller, VIP, and whale bandied around a bit? If you aren’t familiar with them, these can be puzzling. Put simply, a VIP, high-roller or a whale is a casino player who either spends lavishly on bets or wagers frequently enough to be very important to the casino in question. It really is that simple. Now, a little more about those bonuses…

More about high-stake bonuses

High-stakes bonuses don’t have to be deposit deals or welcome offers. Entry into exclusive slot or poker tournaments, for instance, can be considered high-roller bonuses. High-roller poker games are not open to everybody. Players often need to qualify by wagering huge sums or receive an invitation via a bonus to get access to these games.

The advantages of being a high-roller or casino VIP

There are perks to being a high-rolling player or a VIP at a casino. For starters, casinos treat you like royalty. They will often allow you to deposit larger sums, and withdraw quicker, too. VIP programs give you exclusive offers and deals, and access to a range of promotions and bonuses that regular players won’t be able to play. You may also be able to earn loyalty points at a quicker rate, and you are often given VIP support to boot.

How to claim?

Claiming a high-roller bonus is no different than claiming any standard casino bonus. You are going to need to deposit a considerable amount and prove that you have cash to burn before you can claim high-roller bonuses. Once you’ve requested it, though, you can feel free to wager it on high-roller games.

Where can I find high-roller casino bonuses?

We can recommend a list of the best high-roller casinos to you. The casinos we recommend fulfil all our requirements to be one of the best high-roller casinos around. As you can see below, we have pretty strict and high standards when it comes to the best high-roller casinos.

The best online casinos for high-rollers in 2018

The very best online casinos for high-rollers in 2018 all have a few things in common. For starters, they can all offer you top-notch high-roller games, such as high-roller poker. They will also provide you with sizeable high-roller bonus, be licensed out of a proper respectable licensing jurisdiction, and accept players from your country. These casinos have been proven to offer top-drawer entertainment, so we can wholeheartedly recommend them.

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