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New live dealer casino sites appear all the time. While some of the already established online casinos have slowly started to make the jump to offering live dealer casino gaming, many of the new sites to launch already come with a suite of live dealer games built-in. What is so unique about new live casinos which launch in 2018, though? What can these live casinos offer, and which are the ones you should be playing at? With our live casino reviews, you can find the best live casino sites, and we’ll tell you why you should be playing at them.

How to live dealer games work?

Before we come to live casinos and live online casino reviews, we need to look at live dealer games and how they work. If you know already, you can skip ahead, but if not, then you probably want to read this section.

Live dealer casino games are about as realistic as you’re going to get in the online casino world right now. The basic idea is that you wager on games via video stream, with the stream coming live from a brick and mortar casino or a studio. Just like online casino games, wagering is done via a set of digital menus and betting boards presented to you on the screen. However, the action itself is carried out by a real-to-life human dealer, who takes control of the game via the video stream. In many live dealer suite games, you can communicate directly with the dealer via audio links, and in some games, you can even speak to fellow bettors. All of this, of course, must be done respectfully.

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    LV Bet Casino

    • Mobile

    8.2 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
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    Storspelare Casino

    • Mobile

    8.2 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
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    Genesis Casino

    • Mobile

    8.8 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
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    Dream Vegas Casino

    • Mobile

    8.6 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
  5. img

    Vegas Hero Casino

    • Mobile

    8.6 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
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    Jackpotjoy Casino

    • Mobile

    8.8 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
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    Golden Star Casino

    • Mobile

    8.4 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
  8. img

    MagicRed Casino

    • Mobile

    8.2 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
  9. img

    Ikibu Casino

    • Mobile

    8.2 Great 9 Amazing User Avg
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Learn more about live dealer games

If that all sounds complicated, there is a learning curve which you’re entitled to you. Many live dealer casino games come with beginner’s tables. The low-roller games allow you to understand the basics of a casino game before you sit down to wager more massive stakes on the games. However, there are alternative ways by which you can learn to play live dealer games, too.

Provided you have some experience with standard casino games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat; you shouldn’t have a problem adapting to the live dealer format. However, if you don’t, try playing those games for free (as demos) with fake money. This way you can get a grip on the game without losing a cent and can then carry that knowledge over to the live casino when you decide to play the real money games. Free to play live dealer games barely exist, but by playing standard free casino games, you can put yourself in a superb position to learn more about live dealer games. There is also a wealth of how to play guides for live dealer guides out there, and these can help you learn how each software provider’s live dealer games and their suites work.

The best online live dealer casinos and games for 2018

At this site, we regularly rate and review new live dealer casinos and the games they carry. This year, for instance, we’ve taken a keen interest in the number of new live dealer casinos and games appearing in 2018.

If you need a little aid getting to grips with the latest games and sites, our live casino reviews are an ideal place to start.

How do we rate the best live dealer casinos?

Of course, we can’t just sit there and praise every site we come across in our live online casino reviews. We have a rather strict set of criteria that new live casinos must adhere to if they wish to make our list of recommended casinos. The same is true of already existing live casinos.

Some of the things we look at when reviewing live casinos include:

  • Security and Safety: A live dealer casino must be able to offer a valid gambling license, as well as SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. It will also be independently audited, and its card games will feature scan codes so that we know that in lieu of RNGs (random number generators) that the games are played fairly.
  • Gaming Suites: Speaking of games, we like to see plenty of different live dealer games in our chosen casinos. This doesn’t just mean being able to offer baccarat, blackjack and roulette games. It also means offering numerous tables for each game, with the stakes alterable at each table so everyone can play, no matter what budget they are operating with. Of course, offering more than just the three main live dealer games is also an advantage.
  • Support and Compatibility: We want to see our live dealer casinos offer not only top-notch support but also a range of different currencies and payment methods. We want to see their live dealer games being mobile-friendly, for both iOS and Android users. We also want ample customer support options, of which live chat is the most important.
  • Good Track Record: There are ample tests out there which we put our live dealer casinos through. We do a thorough background check on all those sites we review, to make sure that they have an excellent track record of fair play and gaming. If a casino receives complaints, we might downgrade it and recommend that you stay away.

The point of all of this is to ensure that our readers are only playing at respectable, adequately licensed and good live dealer casinos.

Warning about dishonest casinos

Not all online casinos are peachy. In fact, some of them are dodgy, to say the least. Whenever we note any dodgy behaviour, or unacceptable policies regarding bonuses, promotions of the paying out of a player’s winnings, we get straight on their case. There are several measures we will take when we see such a casino behaving in this manner. One of the strictest things we can do (and will do if necessary) is blacklist a casino.

It is essential to differentiate between a casino which has made a mistake, those which are somewhat unprofessional and make several, and those which aren’t even live casinos at all, but scam sites. The differences between the three are usually reflected by our live casino reviews, our warnings about dishonest casinos, and our blacklist.

The latest live dealer casinos to be placed on our blacklist

We do have a blacklist. To get the obvious out of the way, any live casino which finds itself on our blacklist should be instantly avoided. Do not make the mistake of trying to play at such as a casino, because in almost all cases, you will regret it. After all, such live casinos are blacklisted for a reason.

Our site strongly warns all players about any casino which finds itself on our blacklist. In our live online casino reviews, we will also tell you the reasons why a casino has found itself on our blacklist. As mentioned, some casinos can end up blacklisted just because of one silly mistake. In a world where forgiveness is key, any casino which has been blacklisted and transparently shows how it has rectified and resolved the issues it is having may be removed from our blacklist. Again, this will be honestly reflected in our live casino reviews. It will take time, but it is possible for a blacklisted casino to win our trust (and thus yours) and redeem itself. Most seldom ever do, though, so stay away from these sites until further notice.

Live dealer FAQ

If you’re still not sure about which casino you should be playing at, why not check out our brief FAQ. The chances are that you have questions, and we might be able to save you the time and answer them ourselves:

  • Should I play at a 2018 live casino or an already established one?

There are perks to both. More established live casinos have excellent reputations for fair play and gaming. However, those live casinos from 2018 are likely to feature newer software and games.

  • Can I claim casino bonuses and promotions at live casinos?

Almost always, yes. Virtually all major live casino sites carry bonuses, and it is a given that any new live casinos in 2018 will do.

  • I don’t see it listed, but can I play live dealer poker?

That varies from site to site. Some live casinos will carry a limited number of poker games and some none. Some, though, have stuffed theirs away in separate “poker section” of their main casino domain.

Top 10 best live dealer casinos in 2018

Now that you know about blacklisted casinos, the top live dealer casinos of 2018, and how we grade our selected casinos, why not check out our top 10 list. Our top 10 list provides you with the best live dealer casinos in 2018. Check our reviews for each of these sites before you play, and if you’re happy with what you see, sign up today.

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