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Online Casinos Loyalty Bonus 101: Get To Understand The Basics

If there’s something that sounds like sweet music to the ears of the burgeoning online gambling community, especially the big-money rollers, then it's the bonuses and freebies. Considered a “Thank you for choosing to play with us,” a loyalty bonus today is an industry standard. It doesn’t matter whether its Bet365 Casino’s ‘free cash bonus no deposit’ offer, 888 Casino’s ‘free sign up bonus,’ or any other, the rhythm of this tune is mostly the same.

So significant is a loyalty bonus that no single online casino player would be willing to gamble at an online casino that lacks a form of it. And casinos, on their part, know this and execute it impeccably well, both on what words to use and who to target. The thrill that comes with a loyalty bonus does not rely only on the benefits that the gambler stand to gain. However, it also comes with a priceless feeling of being valued. When one has been around for some time, it is natural for them to demand some recognition. For one to call a particular casino their home, it should stem from the treatment they receive, the experience they gain, as well as how valued they feel. Casinos know this and to show their gratitude to their loyal gamblers, a loyalty bonus came to life. 

The drill is pretty straightforward: PlayMillion Casino will give 150% to €200 gambled to rival William Hill Casino’s 100% to €200. Provided the offer has the magic word, “FREE” or ‘Multiplies’ one’s winnings, then it’s ripe enough to win the attention of any money-hungry online casino roller; Pros and rookies alike!

But first, what is an online casino loyalty bonus?

In online casinos, a loyalty bonus program merely is what its name suggests; a reward rolled out by the casino to its new and existing players for using their gambling platform. It could be a special one-off bonus or a series of bonuses and promotions that run throughout a particular period. But how generous the offer is, depends on the casino offering the loyalty scheme.

On the casino’s perspective, the scheme is a brilliant marketing ploy centred on player retention, or to make sure the current gamblers don't fall for better rewards out there. It may also serve as a way of poaching customers from a competitor online casino. It is from the cut-throat competition among these casinos that the loyalty schemes are a lot commonplace today.

In a nutshell, regardless of how you choose to define them, online casino bonus programs have one similar motive: to lure the player away from their preferred casino-home. This is because, when all’s said and done, it is the casino that ends up winning. On the other, it also serves as a means of keeping their existing players. Of course, you may be wondering why bother yourself with something that is provided by any casino? Well, to a more or lesser extent, not knowing the ins and outs of a loyalty bonus can raise your hopes high only for them to come crumbling to the ground later. For instance, knowing the specifications of a car you want to drive will help you select the best from a pool of sellers. The same concept can be applied to loyalty bonuses, once you get to know what it is, how it is implemented, as well as how you can benefit from it, you will be in a steady position to select a casino with a particular loyalty bonus program that interests you.

How Does a Loyalty Bonus Program Work?

No online casino is ever satisfied with the number of players it has at any given moment. Its owners know that the more the number of rollers it has, the more the money that trickles in. And so, to keep the numbers rising, the casino keeps giving players what they mostly delight on: freebies and other insane bonuses.

These free bonuses and other perks are served as surprises, ideally as money added on top of what a player deposits to play with. To make the deal even more tantalizing, the casino makes sure the deal runs for a week or an entire month. However, both the high rollers and the regular rollers get these bonuses.

Consider this example

When you sign up for a particular online casino, having loved its rewards program, the company works hard to keep you loyal to them. They then go ‘above and beyond’ to make sure you stick with them, no matter the level of competition out there.

So, you first enjoy the freebies. Whether it is several free rounds of Slots reels spins, free chances of hitting the Blackjack table, ‘double the deposit’ or Real Money Cashback Bonus. It could also be a cashback bonus program or a VIP membership.

Soon after, the player gets used to the little winnings and the remarkable benefits and starts to gamble en-masse. And that, according to the creators of the marketing strategy, is what then becomes a job-well-done!

Types of Loyalty Bonuses

Today’s loyalty bonus schemes are ubiquitous, and it is understandable why this is the case. They differ from one online casino to another. But despite their widely varying differences, all of them are tailored to appeal to the player.

Let’s check out the most popular types of these loyalty bonus programs.

Welcome or Sign-Up Bonuses

Almost universal across the industry, Welcome bonuses serve to welcome new members either as new sign-ups or first deposits. Sign Up bonuses often are advertised as percentages if they are Deposit Bonuses or as free offers like a free spin or free play.

Cashback Bonuses

This type of loyalty bonus program allows the gambler to amass free points on each wager placed. The points, called Loyalty Points, only become redeemable once a particular milestone is attained and the points are thus converted to cash of the equivalent amount. You may find one casino’s milestone being anything above 500 points and another offering theirs at 1000.

Tiered Loyalty Bonuses

It refers to the bonus program that’s segmented into various categories, and bonuses offered vis-à-vis class one is in. In Tiered Loyalty Bonus scheme, high rollers get the lion’s share of the perks, and the amount decreases as the level reduces. Common ones are Platinum, Gold and Silver and VIP, VIP Elite and Diamond among others.

High Roller Bonus

High roller bonuses typically are rewards meant for daredevil gamblers who have the guts to make huge deposits like $1000 and gamble the entire chunk on one go. You will find a casino willing to offer a 100% bonus on deposits of $1500 and above. A high roller bonus is rewarding in the sense although you may seem to be risking a lot, you also gain a good cover for your money. We all know that the use of a bonus in a casino is to merely shadow your real funds. How you may ask. Well, without a bonus, when you lose $1000, you have lost it. But, with a high roller bonus backing up your funds, your loss can be reimbursed up to 50% per se.

Referral Bonus or Refer-a-Friend Bonus

When an existing player refers someone, who goes ahead to complete a successful Sign-Up process, the casino often gifts the original player a ‘thank you’ bonus. This is what’s called Referral Bonus. However, we advise that you read the T&Cs of the referral bonus.

Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty Schemes (VIP Scheme or Players Club) refers to a unique class of exciting and generous rewards a casino can offer its ardent players. In some cases, Loyalty Schemes can be referred to as “Rakeback” schemes or rebates whereby a player gets rewarded for being loyal to the casino.

However, it simple terms, the scheme allows a player to earn free redeemable points whenever he/she plays with the reward being money or prizes. Unlike bonuses, loyalty schemes are gradually becoming rare in the online casino industry.

How to Get the VIP Status

VIP members are those who frequently gamble, regardless of how much one bets with. First off, not every casino offer VIP membership, which means you have to hunt for one that has it. That aside, benefits that come with the VIP status aren’t similar in all online casinos in the market, but most of them feature the juicy perks. To be part of a VIP program will surely benefit you with hilarious packages. And, the fun part is that not everyone gets to enjoy these packs. That means only the elite get to enjoy elite rewards.

To get the esteemed VIP membership, however, isn’t a long, laborious or expensive task. You have to join an online casino of your choice and gamble consistently. You should exhibit that you are a passionate gambler and someone who is moneyed and stakes huge bets, handsomely.

If you aren’t rich or can’t bear risking a fortune on a bet, the casino may still award you a VIP status if you stick to their site and regularly place bets. The casino uses this level to reward them and enhance their experience further.

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