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Meet a new SlotGuru app by Genting Casinos to inform and educate players

SlotGuru app by Genting Casinos

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There are great news for all intelligent players! Genting Casinos, the biggest and leading land based and online gambling company, together with SlotGuru have launched a new app that provides different information about games and slots for players to develop their knowledge and educate.

The app from SlotGuru provides all necessary data about slot games at casinos. For instance, you can find information about hundreds of games including such details as ratings, reviews and volatility. It also allows users to share all this content with other players or tell about the slot they like most of all.

Besides these all aforecited advantages and player pleasure the most important feature of this app is a chance to get a higher education about games. They hope that it would potentially help to reduce the amount of gambling addiction.

Genting Casinos and SlotGuru
It`s expected that this partnership will prolong till March 2018 and their main efforts will be aimed to education of casino gamblers and decease their responsibility and consciousness. To do it, SlotGuru will be promoted by Genting Casinos over 39 of its UK-based casinos.
Often irresponsible gambling happens because of players’ lack of confidence and awareness about their chosen game or slot. These leads to a trifling and outlay while the player takes attempts to win. To prevent it SlotGuru concentrate on developing a special app which provides such data as rates, payments and other.
The head of commercial affairs at SlotGuru Cecilia Paolino-Uboldi comments “Effective player protection starts with education, but only if we all realise that everybody has an active part in promoting it.”

Excellent commitment to players
According to Paolino-Uboldi this new partnership will give such an advantage when “players can be readily informed of the SlotGuru tool at the point of play.” It means that all these tools will help gambling Addicted players to estimate where they are in most at risk or what chance they have to win or loose.

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