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The long overdue mobile casinos are finally here. This move has caused ripples across the entire gambling scene. And most stakeholders are trying to catch up with this trend. So, what pushed this bold move? The short answer is the pressing demand for personalization. A recent trend has seen the masses going for everything personal starting from advertisements to gaming and everything in between. In the gambling scene, a mobile casino means there is no need to sit in crowded tables nor do you need trips to your brick and motor casino when the craving strikes. When the online casino’s emerged, punters were excited by the idea. At the time, these games were only accessible through a computer - but that has changed. Mobile casinos do support tablets, smartphones, and traditional mobile phones. All you need is an internet connection and of course, some interest.


Online Mobile Casino Games

Throughout history, people have always enjoyed playing social games to pass the time. Back then, it was about meeting people and creating bonds. The French (in particular) had a soft spot for social activities. And to their amusement, their hobbies turned into a multimillion business. Today, priorities have changed. People are interested in personal entertainment. A fact that contributed to the development of online mobile casino games. Unlike live casinos, the mobile casinos offer only one or two games. That approach enables the business to capture a specific audience and gain experience in the same. Besides, the applications that run the mobile casinos are quite bulky, adding more than two types of games could be a deal breaker – considering the overall performance. Here are some of the most popular games available on online mobile casino applications.

Mobile Slot Games

Slots are (undoubtedly) the reason why casinos keep their doors open. They are fashionable and usually give the house an edge over the players. Another thing that makes them so popular is their generous rewards. A handful of lucky punters across the world have struck the megabucks. So it is possible. The mobile-based slots are also following the same trend; they are getting more attention than other games. Also, they give players an option to advance to more challenging levels like the five slot machine. So, if you are new to the gambling scene, this might be the best place to start. There are bonuses designed to help get your feet wet, after which, you can play with real money.

Online Mobile Blackjack

This mobile game of cards is particularly helpful to people who are relatively new to blackjack. The game comes with a set of rules, making it quite challenging to play. The good thing is that you can play without risking any of your hard-earned cash. Besides learning, you can also test out new strategies to see if they work or not. Unlike slots, Blackjack has several variations. There is always something different to check out. Ideally, the chances of winning blackjack games are slim, but the idea is to have fun while learning something new. The rewards include a progressive jackpot that is typically a few hundred to several thousand worths. Do you know why? The house is never sure about the odds, so they can never put millions there, ever. Just like most online games, the chances of cheating are next to none. The system is set to select random cards, and there is nothing you can do about it unless you are a kick-ass software engineer.

Mobile Roulette

If you are looking to play a fun casino game, this is it. The game is top-rated for the fact that it’s relatively easy to play. Here, you get a virtual dealer who spins the wheel and advice players when not to place bets. The marked table might seem intimidating to a first user. But the truth is, there isn’t much that goes on there, the game about the wheel. The mobile version is much better than the live one. First, you have the option of free spins; this will help you learn everything you need to know, starting from the board to the wheel.

Mobile Baccarat

In the past, Baccarat was a game for high rollers. For this fact, people ignored it to go for the “affordable” games. It is a straightforward game, considering that there are only nine options to play. Today, you can have a personal Baccarat machine all to your self- thanks to ingenious mobile developers. There is an app for Android, iPhone, and blackberry. If you are new to this game, getting started is easy and free. Set up an account with your favourite online casino and get started. During this time, try to get an idea on how to count the cards because that seems to be the only challenge here - when you feel comfortable enough to move on, place bets with real money for a change. It does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money - small amounts can do just fine.

Mobile Craps

The first step towards playing mobile craps is finding an app that works for you. There are several applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and of course the standard online version. If you already have an account with a brick and motor casino, visit their site using the device, and it will automatically ask you to download your version. That is hustle free, right? However, if you are not a member, there is always the play store, etc. Playing the game is also straightforward. All you need to do is check out some videos on YouTube and click on the help tab in the app. While doing this, you should not be playing with real money. But it shouldn’t take long before you can finally feel comfortable placing real money bets.

Keno Mobile

This game is notably not a favourite among punters. It traces its origin back to China and is relatively easy to play. The reason why it lags behind is possibly the fact that mobile casinos are still not the go-to option for many people. To play, you first place a wager then select lucky numbers between 1 and 15. These numbers determine if you win or not. After that, the system will randomly pick 20 numbers, if one matches, you get a hit. If you happen to pick one number and it hits, you get a 3-1 payout on your wager. Picking out six numbers with two hits gets you a 75 to 1 ratio while five wins on 15 choices give you the chance to get 10,000 to 1 jackpot.

Free Mobile Casino Games

Typically, nobody wins on the first day of playing any game. There are a learning curve and strategies to master. And that is the idea behind free mobile casino games. You never have to worry about losing your money. Just signup and get a free signup bonus to get you started. Most casinos will limit the amount to give you some time to learn while others let you play for free till you feel comfortable. Either way, people get a chance at knowing if the game will work for them or not. The only catch here is downloading an app to play the mobile games. Admitably, casinos are not very honest about their endeavours, so make sure to check out online reviews before downloading. Otherwise, free mobile games are the best place to get started as a newbie in the gambling scene.

Mobile Casino FAQs

  • What is the legal age for mobile casino gambling? – You probably know the answer to this one, but for the record, it’s 18 years.
  • When can you withdraw the bonus money? – Of course, this is a question on everybody’s mind. It depends on the casino’s terms and conditions, but you will surely get the money.
  • Is there a withdrawal limit? – Again, it depends on your choice of the online casino so be sure to read the terms and conditions.
  • Are there limits on wagering amounts? - The smaller, the better.
  • How do progressive jackpots work? – Simple, you place a side bet for the pot and continue to play.
  • What is the most profitable casino game? – For the casino, slots and roulettes rake in most of the profits. For you, try blackjack but with no guarantees.
  • Is my data safe with a mobile casino? – Yes, it is. However, check for online reviews to be sure about this sensitive issue.

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