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New slot from Netent – Fruit Spin

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NetEntOne more new game from Netent company at the fruit theme.

The slot has non-standard 5 × 4 reels and 40 bet lines.

In the base game, in addition to single symbol, there are also double and triple symbols, as well as “Scatter” symbols that are stacked to each other and can be dropped only by an amount that is multiple to three. For example: 3 scatters, 6 scatters and so on

In falling three or more scatterers, a bonus game is being launched.

The player has three wheels and a right to spin, at that the wheels are spinning simultaneously. The number of spins depends on how many scatters were caught in the normal game mode. For example: 3 scatters – 3 spins, one for each wheel (that is, one spin of all wheels), 6 scatters – 6 spins (that is, two spins of all wheels) and so on.

On the wheels there are wins with 20, 40, 60 coins and two Free Spins symbols on each. To trigger free spins, you need to collect three Free Spin symbols in total, that is, each wheel is counted. If, however, the three symbols of the Free Spins were collected and the spins was still remained, then further with the falling of the Extra Spin symbol, the number of Free Spins will be added (initially, in collecting three symbols, 5 Free Spins are given)

In the bonus game mode, there is also a possible retrigger – in falling of three or more scatters, the player is given three more wheels, but the win can be only 20 coins on them, and also there are four symbols of free spins on each wheel that add the additional amount of spins (Extra Spins)

On the free spins, in addition to the standard symbols, wild symbols are added (from three or more)

Payment lines: 40

Maximum payout per spin: x600

RTP slot: 96.84%

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