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No Bonus Casinos List 2019

Have you tried your hand at no bonus casino sites yet? No bonus casinos can be an exciting way of playing your favourite casino games. Of course, while many players do love a big, fat welcome bonus, some players don’t want to get tied down with wagering requirements. These, then, could be the casinos for you.

What is the difference between a no bonus casino and a bonus casino?

The difference between the two should be somewhat self-explanatory. A bonus casino will offer players a whole raft of bonuses and promotions, namely to boost the amount they can play with. However, a no bonus casino doesn’t provide those bonuses and promotions or at least allows players to choose whether they wish to claim an offer or not. Some bonus casinos don’t give players that option.

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Are there advantages to playing at a no bonus casino?

Like any type of online casino, there are advantages of playing at a no bonus casino. Some of these may seem rather simple, but they have proven immensely popular with players. So, let’s look at three of the main benefits of playing at a bonus casino…

The benefits

The benefits of playing at a no bonus casino include:

  • No wagering requirements
  • Anything you win goes straight to your account and can be withdrawn instantly
  • Where bonuses are offered, you can choose whether to claim them or not

Are there disadvantages to playing at a no bonus casino?

Of course, there are disadvantages to playing at a no bonus casino, too. These include:

  • Potentially not being able to claim any bonuses, so if funds are tight, you’ll have to deposit
  • Having to ensure that you opt-in to claim any offer you wish to
  • You may miss out VIP and loyalty perks

No bonus casino FAQ

Some people may have a few questions, and we’ve listed the most common ones below…

  • So, I can’t claim any bonus if I play at a no bonus casino?

As mentioned, some no bonus casinos do offer bonuses, but you will just have to opt-in to claim them. Most don’t, though.

  • Are there wagering requirements on no bonus casino promotions?

Probably. Although some no bonus casinos do offer promos and deals, they usually come with wagering requirements.

  • Are there no bonus casinos with have no bonuses of any kind?

Yes, and plenty of them. These casinos are solely for players who want to play without bonuses and wagering requirements. Any prizes you win will be yours to keep with no questions asked.

Playing at a no bonus casino

Playing at a no bonus casino is a decision which should be made carefully. You need to know whether your chosen no bonus casino carries no bonus offers at all, or whether you just need to opt-in to claim them. Only then can you gauge whether no bonus casinos are for you.

Best no bonus casinos 2018

To help get you started, we’ve listed a handful of top no bonus casinos below. Our best no bonus casinos 2018 list features plenty of no bonus casino sites which are respectable and have excellent reputations. If you’re interested in trying the gameplay at these types of casinos, we can recommend any of these no bonus casinos.

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