» Provider News » Novomatic have announced they will withdraw entirely from the German gaming market

Novomatic have announced they will withdraw entirely from the German gaming market

Novomatic have announced they will withdraw entirely from the German gaming market

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Novomatic Group — one of the largest market games provider have announced that they will withdraw from German market and that their games have been eliminated from German online casinos.

Last year another big gambling company Gauselmann Group took the same decision and left the German market and now Novomatic followed their step.

The reason of such announcement lay in the confusion between German authorities and operators. They are still arguing if the online gambling is legal or not. But Novomatic decided to stay on the right side and found the easiest decision for themselves just to withdraw from the German market to avoid regulators penalizing their business.
Novomatic slots were removed from German sites.
Just in November Gauselmann Group proved that they withdraw all their products from German online casinos and other gambling sites. They admitted that they had had partnership with some licensed operators all over the world which supplied content to Germany.
Just in a month Novomatic-affiliated Greentube confirmed in their interview to the German media that they had pulled all their content from all German oriented online casinos. This week Novomatic confirmed their decision to quit German market in their short interview to Austrian media outlet APA.

Confusions in regulations leads to withdrawing.

There is a federal law in Germany which restricts casino gambling in this country. But the problem is that it`s not still clear how it relates to online games that`s why the law is often blamed in lack of clarity. The fact is that the reform of gaming laws has never been signed into being that keeps all players and casinos in a constant suspense.
As it was reported by Calvin Ayre Novomatic refused from the offer to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange last September. The reason is that the Company has a great land-based content in Germany and is one of the largest provider there but because of misunderstanding and lack of clarity in regulations of gambling sphere they were afraid to spot their reputation and be limited in their land-based offerings. So Novamatic prefers to stay on the right side of the law and as a result reduce its presence in online gambling.

So in such situation with a non-regulated gaming market Avamatic`s decision to withdraw is almost predictable. They added that “many other unfair providers go on to copy games and content with no license and agreements with us”.

So Without clarity on the gambling market for most companies serving Germany the easiest choice is to withdraw the market than to struggle with illegal traders who make content for their own.

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