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Online Slots to Watch out for in 2018—Massive Jackpots from Leading Games

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Bigger, better slots with Metro Online titles

To predict the direction casinos and game developers will take in 2018, it is necessary to direct our focus to Hollywood. Due to the hustle and bustle associated with Hollywood, casinos take the chance to draw up new games based on movies with big titles. There is an already existing and ripe market, so it makes sense for casinos to take this route.

Obviously, when it comes to comic books, the fans are not hesitant to shell out money. Our first prediction is that there will be a battle for big titles. Since 21st Century Fox was bought out by Disney, there might not be any game from Star Wars or Marvel. Unlike 21st Century, Disney dissociates themselves from gambling.

Possibly, Avengers: Infinity War will make a cameo alongside the Incredibles 2. It goes without saying that Black Panther will be a strong contender in the Marvel Slot arena.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – already has a good reputation following Microgaming’s release of Jurassic World slot. And with some good fortune, the slot will continue being more rewarding than the movie it draws inspiration from.

The Predator –Yeap! You heard right, a remake of this astounding and much-loved game is set to hit the market with more charisma. As a matter of fact, Arnie could be coming back as a queen, as an original predator slot. The Predator might come back because 2017 saw an increase in games inspired by the 80s, so why not?

Mission Impossible 6 –With every new instalment, the franchise keeps losing tract and box-office have been a flop of late. So, it will make sense to seek revenue elsewhere by channelling the original charm into the much rewarding gambling industry.

Hellboy – Evidently, casinos have an affinity for comics. With Hellboy being a much-loved classic, it will be a joy for us to witness the release, maybe sometime in 2019.

Many casino game developers tend to take action based on what they deem to be more lucrative. Big monsters are the perfect candidates for big slots. This year, developers are most likely to turn their attention towards The Meg and Rampage for motivation on how to cause waves in the industry.

When we focus on T.V shows, it is easier to spot Rick and Morty as the ideal show that can make it in the slots. With each new season, the show grows bigger, and the population is becoming fonder of it, almost at the same levels as The Simpsons and Family Guy. So, it might hit the casino lobbies pretty soon.

2018 Progressive games and Jackpots

When it comes to slots, NetEnt and Microgaming are hands down the top dogs. Most casinos that enjoy players and offer real jackpots have slots powered by either of these two providers. These providers do not lack in any way, so what would create room for other players? In 2018, it is feasible that Playtech might join the top dogs with the release of Age of the Gods slot. If this happens, then a new hybrid Marvel Jackpot will be available to coincide with the new torrent of film releases like the past.

Egyptian and fairytale themed slots might remain top of the leaderboard as far as bonus games and standard slots are concerned. There might be a surge in Sci-fi motivated games since this market has remained idle for a while whereas other genres have been explored and some even been done to death. The turn could be a result of the updated VR slots, stay alert so you don’t miss out.

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