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When playing online casino games, it can be quite a relief and joy to come across titles that are new to you. One such game is an Asian favourite called Tai Sai or Sic Bo as it is commonly referred to in the West. To the European and international gambler, this game is not exactly popular. Taken from ancient China, this game has been played by the Chinese for centuries and literally means ‘dice pair.’ Interestingly, Sic Bo is actually played with three dice.

Since the ancient Chinese game masters have been brought to the modern online casino, here are a couple of things you need to learn about Sic Bo.

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The Rules of Sic Bo

One of the main selling points that can easily convince gamers to take on Sic Bo is the simplicity behind the gameplay. Sic Bo is pretty straightforward. In Sic Bo, the objective is to bet on the result of the roll of the three dice.

Wagering is made by:

  1. Selecting the chip size and placing your chips on the Sic Bo table corresponding to the wager you want to place
  2. Adjust or place multiple Sic Bo bets on the same roll of the dice. Take note: the bets can be for different amounts.

When laying bets, you need to make adjustments by clicking on your mouse and using the controls to either reduce or increase the bet.

The Online Sic Bo Bets

Next question how to play Sic Bo online? Well, exciting part first, this game comes with the ability to make various bets. Gamers love that the range is crazy huge can go to 180:1 for winning Sic Bo bets. Some of the possible online Sic Bo bets include; Total, Specific Triple, Any Triple, Small, Big, Single Die Bet as well as Two Dice Combination.

Winning at Sic Bo

Following bet placement, the croupier shakes up the cage that has the dice in them. When playing Sic Bo online, the next step is to click the Roll button. Regardless of the position the cage will be opened, the three dice will roll around and come to rest. All areas corresponding to winning bets on the Sic Bo table will light up to indicate the win(nings).

Playing Sic Bo online can be rewarding as well as exciting. Gamers need to learn how to read or interpret the combinations.

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