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Top 10 Online Slots 2020

Arguably the most popular format of online gambling games, online slots can be found in all major casinos. What are the best casinos for online slot machines, though? What types of games can you expect to play, and can they be played for free? If you’re looking for the best online slots, friendly casinos have got plenty of them for you.

Why play slots online?

Why would you want to play slots online? There are countless reasons. Slots may be a game of chance, but with so many special features worked into their design, you are never short of a way to win. The best online slots will contain ample paylines, cheap bets, plenty of special features and carry jackpot prizes which can change your life for the better.


Free vs real money slot machines

Should you play free slots or real money ones? If you’re not a big gambler, the idea of playing the best free online slot games can sound somewhat appealing. You will be able to play a host of games without spending a penny and enjoy the same exhilarating experience as real money players but without breaking that gambling taboo. In a country such as Australia, where some players aren’t entirely sure if it is legal to gamble, this is no bad thing. On the other hand, you can’t win life-changing sums of cash unless you play the best online slots for real money.

Free online slots game

There is another primary reason why you might wish to play the best free online slot games. If you are considering playing slots for real money further down the line, you might want to try your hand at free games first. These free slots don’t cost a cent, and they can allow you to get a feel for the games you’re going to play for real cash later. You can learn how a slot works, how often it pays and what is the best strategy concerning bets, just by playing the best free online slots.

Why play real money slots?

If you want to experience for yourself the real thrill and excitement of gambling online, then playing real money slots is the way to go. These come in many shapes and sizes. Some offer just a handful of paylines, and others provide many. Some are themed and some not-so-much. Some offer progressive, uncapped jackpot prizes and many offer fixed prizes in relation to your stake. Ultimately, though, the most straightforward reason for playing real money slots is that you want to win real cash.

How to play online slots for money?

Getting started playing online slots for money is simple. First, you need to deposit into your account, as mentioned. You will also have to identify which are the best online slot machines for you to play. We’ve listed many of them here. Once you’ve got a deposit, just open the slot, adjust your lines, bets and coin values and you’re good to hit that spin button.

How to win real money playing free slots?

What are the best online slots to win real money on? That all depends on what you’re after. Playing a progressive jackpot is more challenging to land a win, but when you do win, you can potentially win millions of dollars. Non-progressive jackpots are fixed, and the more you bet, the more you can win. Primarily, though, most wins are formed the same way. Unless you are playing a randomly triggered jackpot slot, players will need to line up identical symbols across “paylines” which run over the reels of the game. Three or more matching slot symbols on a payline are usually enough to land players a win.

Real money slots casinos – the best of 2020

We have taken some a bit of time to draw up a list of the best online slots sites for you. All the sites we recommend offer top-notch slots, many of which feature on our top 10 online slot lists. If you to start playing real money or free play slot games, today, we’d recommend one of our chosen casinos as a safe place to play.

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