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Top Casino Games 2020

Each year brings about plenty of new titles for players to enjoy at online casinos. The best casino games vary each year. Some years, they will be pokies, and other years table games or live dealer games lead the way. But what is the best game to play at a casino in 2018? Let’s have a look.

Top Online Casino Games

Just what the best online casino games to win money are depends on what you like to play. For some players, only the traditional approach with casino table games is the way to go. Others prefer to play online pokies and rank them amongst the best online casino games out there on the net. Given that everybody has a preference, it is only fair that we look at the casino games genre as a whole.


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Types of Online Casino Games

What can you expect to be able to play at an online casino? First and foremost, as mentioned, there are pokies, and these easily for the largest selection of games out there on the net. If the prospect of spinning reels and potentially landing a progressive win doesn’t tick your boxes, why not have a crack at something more traditional? New craps, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, table poker and even oddities such as keno, scratch cards and bingo games are constantly debuting in the online casino world, and these may be much more your cup of tea.

1. Craps

Craps is a dice game, and arguably the most famous one out there. True enough, craps can be a little challenging to get used to, but once you’ve got the Come Out Roll sussed out, the game is simple enough to play. Craps pays out its winners based on the numbers which appear on the dice, in relation to the bets they make. More importantly, you don’t have to be the person to roll the dice (the shooter) to place a bet on craps, either.

2. Pokies

Pokies make up the largest selection of casino games you will find on the net. Some of these represent the best offline casino games for PC users. In short, they were originally land-based pokies which have been ported over to online casinos. Other games have been developed from scratch for mobile and online casino users. Pokies often feature 5 reels, but may feature 3, and players win when they land identical icons on “paylines” which run across those reels. Wilds, scatters, and other bonus icons may trigger added special features which can help you win along the way. Pokies may also contain progressive jackpots, and unlike non-progressive pokies, these are not capped and could be worth millions of dollars at any one time.

3. Roulette

Roulette is a mainstay of the online casino world and the land-based one. This game can be played in American, European and French variants, and there are perks to playing each. American roulette is the least favourable since it contains two zero pockets. European and French roulette are more prosperous in that regard, since they only contain one. Both inside and outside wagers can be placed in roulette, with players winning based on which pocket the balls lands in, in relation to the bet they have staked.

4. Blackjack

Almost everybody knows how to play blackjack, don’t they? We learn this game as children, so it is not surprising that it is one of the best casino games out there each year. There are many different blackjack variants for you to play, and each brings its own qualities to the table. Some allow you to see the dealer’s cards, some allow you to swap cards between hands, and others permit players to surrender and only lose half their stake. Some even have side-bets which can be wagered. The only thing all blackjack games have in common (including Pontoon) is that if you go over 21 points, you’re bust and out of the game, as we’re sure you’re well aware.

5. Baccarat

Baccarat is often described as a tricky game, and many players are instantly put off by that. Made famous by James Bond, this game requires players to get as close to 9 points as possible. It is okay to go over 9, since 10 points are then subtracted from your hand if you do. Baccarat (also known as punto banco) is played between a player and a “banker”. You don’t necessarily have to be the one playing, either, since you can bet on the banker’s hand, the dealer’s hand or a tie. The hand which gets closest to 9 points wins.

6. Poker

Just like other traditional casino games, there are plenty of different table poker games out there for you to play. Oasis Poker, Trey Poker, Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow, Red Dog, Let ‘em Ride, they all bring something different to the table. Of course, you can also play the classic Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo and draw poker games, too. The same standard poker hands are used in all these games, even if there are major differences between how the hands are played and how the cards are dealt.

7. Video Poker

Video poker is a far more simplified form of table poker. There is no dealer to compete against, nor are there any competing players. The sole goal of the game is to build the best poker hand you possibly can. Based on draw poker, the game also comes in numerous variants, each with their own take on the rules. Expect some games to feature wild cards which can introduce unnatural hands into the fold, but even so, video poker remains one of the easiest ways to get to grips with poker gambling online.

Casino Games Tips

If you’ve decided that you want to give casino gaming a run for its money, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, you should try to play the best free casino games before you wager real money. These can be found at many casinos themselves, or at the websites of the developers how produce the games. You may also wish to learn strategies and read reviews of games before you play them. Studying reviews and playing games for free will enable you to understand what a game offers and how it works before you decide to wager real money. Learning a strategy won’t guarantee you a win, but they can ensure that you won’t lose too much playing online.

Casino Games Glossary

Knowing a bit of the lingo isn’t going to hurt either. Learning a bit of terminology can help you understand just what it is a game, or a casino is talking about. We’ve included a few brief bits of vocabulary here for you.
  • Payline: The line upon which symbols must appear to guarantee a win in a pokie.
  • Scatter: Pokie symbols which count no matter where they land on the reels.
  • Wild/Wild Cards: Icons or cards which can substitute for any other icon or card you need them to be to help you land a win.
  • Ante: The bet you will place to get things started in a table game.
  • RTP: Stands for Return to Player rate and is the theoretical amount a player can win over an undetermined (but lengthy) number of spins on pokie machines.
  • Inside/Outside Bets: Inside bets are those bets which are least likely to come off but offer bigger prizes. Outside bets are more likely to land but offer reduced prizes as a result. These terms are most commonly found in roulette.

Casino Games FAQ

If you have any questions, each casino always carries a customer support option which you can get in touch with. However, if it is one of the top three most asked questions about casino games, we may have the answer for you…
  • Do casinos offer all these games?

No, but the best casinos in 2020 will be able to offer you almost (if not all) of the gaming genres we’ve mentioned above.
  • What’s the difference between slots and pokies?

There isn’t one. Pokies is just “Australian” for slots. For instance, when we talk about the best slot games to play at casino sites, we mean pokies.
  • Where can I find a game’s RTP rate?

RTP rates (theoretical Return to Player) rates can often be found on a pokie’s paytable. If not, the software developers themselves will usually tell you the percentage. Pokies are considered decent if they have an RTP rate of 95% or higher. RTP is not the same as volatility, though. To find out the volatility of the game, you need to check out casino game reviews.

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