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Valley of the Gods by Yggdrasil

Valley of the Gods by Yggdrasil New

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580, 000 Worth of Gold, for you—A Gift from the Gods

Move over Novomatic, there is a new king of ancient Egyptian theme, and that is none other than Yggdrasil. With one sneaky move, the later have developed an extraordinary slot that no one would have seen coming. With Valley of Gods, Yggdrasil is out the change the game as well as the rules and all else that comes with it. Set to redefine the Egyptian theme, this game is the best slot development at the moment. Currently, it has n competition and wins every competition hands down.

The storyline is very rich. This game is balanced regarding both content and style. When it comes to playing, most gamers know that there is usually a compromise in either. That is not the case with the Valley of the Gods game. Its game ply exudes class, quality and brilliance. Simply put, this game is a work of art and pure brilliance.

The slot grid grows as you win

You ever felt like you needed a cheerleader when gambling? Well forget about that, it’s now irrelevant. You are now exposed to a game that cheers for you as you play. Valley of Gods is unique in every essence. When you land on a win, the gaming grid expands! I kid you not. The slot is something to write home about. With a classic diamond shape that runs across as 1, 3, 5, 3, 1 reel boxes, landing on a win expands the grid. The grid boxes have an image of a scarab beetle on them. If a win line hits the box, the beetle will fly from the winning box and land on the same number of grid boxes that form the outer edge.

When the boxes fall into place, they dissolve leaving behind thick ancient dust that eventually clears up revealing a new shaped grid. This is how expansion happens.

With this game, Yggdrasil is working as a pioneer and opening up new doors that have never been explored before as far as reactor games are concerned. Instead of the norm whereby the symbols shift and explode for more wins, Valley of the Gods has the slot reels and grid dismembering to expand.

This game also comes with an Extra Life’s column. Located to the right of the slot, this column is a feature that can come in handy when looking for how to win the game. Opposite the Extra Life, there is a Multiplier column situated to the left. When used simultaneously with the Extra Lives Re-Spin feature, the Multiplier column can exponentially increase a player’s chances of winning.

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