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Win €1,000 daily with the bounty blackjack feature at Ladbrokes casino

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A new promotion from ladbrokes casino was created specifically for fans of the board game blackjack. For the first time in such a long time, the casino has organized an action for fans of live dealers.

This is an action in which absolutely every player can win. Read our article to find out more about this great promotion.

The bounty blackjack cash bonus

Finally, it happened! Rejoice blackjack lovers. This promotion was created specifically for you. Now you do not need to play slots to win big prizes. All you need is to play your favorite game daily and try to catch the golden blackjack. If you do, you will receive a bounty blackjack and a cash prize of 1000 euros.

According to the terms of the promotion, you need to be registered at the ladbrokes casino, make a deposit and start playing on any elevation studio table. You do not need to go through any qualifications. You can play at the lowest possible bet allowed on the elevation studio table.

The conditions of the promotion include:

  • 1 roulette table from this company
  • 5 elevation blackjack bounty blackjack tables

You do not need to go in and play at certain times of the day. Tables work around the clock.

Each blackjack shoe on these tables places 6 gold cards every day. Of these, 3 are golden aces and 3 are golden kings. You can get a prize of 1000 euros if you collected blackjack from two gold cards.

Every day you can win an unlimited amount of bounty blackjack. This makes the stock even better and cooler. You may not be lucky to win 1000 euros, but you can get a lot of bounty blackjack.

The lucky ones who won 1000 euros will receive a bonus in their account within 24 hours. After replenishment, you have exactly 2 days to activate it. Otherwise, the bonus will be void.

Every day, under the terms of the action, you can win big prizes and fight with the dealer in battles. Remember that the promotion is only available to those players who play for real money.

Play and win

Only registered users in ladbrokes casino can participate in the promotion. If you are not registered, then do it faster.

Registration is completely free. You just need to fund your account, sit down at the elevation blackjack tables with the bounty blackjack function and take part in a draw of 1000 euros every day.

Good luck!

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